Equity Bridge Capital at the Forefront - Providing Construction Completion Loans Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California

Equity Bridge Capital is at the forefront of private money lending in providing a unique product -  1st, 2nd, and 3rd position bridge loans for investors with construction completion projects.  These loans are challenging in that half built projects are often stalled and wrought with complex issues such as inadequate budgets and cost overruns, unplanned for changes in the scope of work, borrower lack of liquidity,  problems with existing lenders ( slow responses to draw requests, maturing notes), changing contractors ,and the ability to get adequate title insurance, for completion loans  -and these are just a few of the things that make construction completion lenders so hard to find and the loans difficult to underwrite and fund. Yet, Equity Bridge Capital has carved out a niche for itself  - be it a $1.2M 1st Position loan on a 4,000 sq foot spec home in the East Bay , a $900,000 3rd Loan on 5,000 sq ft build in San Mateo, a $750,000  2nd and 3rd Financing Package for a Piedmont Developer, or a $1M loan for a unique Napa project, Equity Bridge Capital is working hard in successfully providing the very best loan products and services for investors and builders throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.

If you or your contacts are looking for alternative, private money financing  and would like to discuss how these loans work, please feel free to call Art Gilberg, Broker /Owner of Equity Bridge Capital at 415-760-2338 or contact me via email Art@EquityBridge.com.  Art Gilberg DBA Equity Bridge Capital Bre# 01868465. Please visit our website : www.EquityBridge.com.