Equity Bridge Capital Loan Business Expands With Booming California Real Estate Markets

As San Francisco's skyline continues to expand, so does Equity Bridge Capital's loan requests. Examples : numerous 2nd and 3rd Quarter requests to pay off Developer maturing loans, bridge financing needed for restaurant themed and/or single purpose properties, construction completion loans to finish half-built luxury spec homes, seasoned investors willing to provide appreciating cross collateral in order to buy spec opportunities, and a business purpose junior loan to get an infusion of liquidity for inventory and marketing costs for a thriving, new business venture - and the list goes on and on..

Feel free to contact me for a quick quote on any request you or your clients may have. Equity Bridge Capital stands out in offering unique private money loan products and services at competitive rates, fees, and terms.

Call me at 415-760-2338 or contact me via email: art@EquityBridge.com.