Equity Bridge Capital is a San Francisco based real estate company that provides niche lending solutions for property owners and prospective buyers seeking access to private funds quickly and at competitive rates. Whether it is a developer needing a bridge loan to complete a construction project or a borrower who needs a short term equity loan to make a competitive all cash offer on property or an entrepreneur  needing an infusion of capital for their business, Equity Bridge Capital's private capital sources fill in the gaps where banks and other private money sources leave off  - offering fast funding of 1st and 2nd position loans ranging from $200K- $10M+ on both residential and commercial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California.

Lending Guidelines

Loan Amounts:  $200,000 - $20 million
Loan to Value (LTV):  up to 70%
Interest Rates: 6.99% - 11.99%
Fees:  1.5 - 3 points
Loan Position:  1st or 2nd
Loan Term:12-60 months
Property Types:  Residential and Commercial
Loan Types:  Purchase, Refinance, Equity Cash out, Bridge Loan, Rehab, Construction, Lender Participation

Why Choose Equity Bridge Capital?

  • Fast underwriting and funding

  • Minimal documentation

  • No minimum FICO score

  • Short or longer term loans (up to 5 years)

  • Competitive rates and fees

  • Lots of capital waiting to be invested

  • Long list of satisfied borrowers and investors

  • Over 30 years of real estate experience

  • Can lend throughout California

  • Will consider any loan that makes sense

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Lending Areas

San Francisco Bay Area
Silicon Valley
Los Angeles
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Orange County
Ventura County
Riverside County
Palm Springs
Central Valley
Lake Tahoe