Equity Bridge Capital's Private Money Lending Guidelines

We offer private money bridge financing on investment real estate in all major metropolitan areas throughout the State of California.

The Basics

Loan Amounts:
$100k - $20 million   
LTV:  up to 75%
LTC: up to 80%
Interest Rates: 6.99-11.99%
Fees: 1.5 - 3 points
Loan Position: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd    
Loan Term:  12- 60 months
California Only

Property Types

Single Family Homes
Multifamily 2-4 Units
Apartments 5+ Units
Office Buildings
Retail Properties
Raw Land (Urban Areas)

Loan Types

Equity Cash out
Bridge Loan
2nd Mortgage
Rehab Fix & Flip
New Construction
Construction Completion
Lender Participation

The Requirements

  • Preliminary Title Report
  • 1003 Loan Application
  • Credit Report (to verify debt)
  • Copies of Senior Loans / Mortgage Statement (for 2nds or 3rds)
  • Leases / Financial Statements / Rent Roll (for commercial properties)
  • For Rehab or Construction: approved plans, permits, budget

The Benefits

  • No formal appraisals ( in most cases )
  • No minimum FICO scores
  • Competitive rates. fees, terms
  • Can fund in 7-10 days or less
  • Can lend throughout California
  • Can use multiple properties as collateral


Frequently Asked Questions About Private Money Lending with Equity Bridge Capital


Do you cooperate with mortgage brokers?
Absolutely. We work with many mortgage professionals and bankers.

How do I find out the rates, fees and terms for my loan?
After collecting some information about your loan request we will send you a quote. The rates and terms depend on variety of factors including property type, property location, loan amount, loan-to-value or loan-to-cost, use of funds, plan for repayment, and other factors.

Can you fund 100% of the purchase price if the property is worth more than what I'm paying?
It depends. In most cases we require the borrower to put some cash into the transaction. However, in some cases we might consider 100% financing if the borrower either has other property with sufficient equity to cross collateralize with or if the borrower wants us to entertain some type of equity participation in the transaction.

How fast can you close? 

Very fast -  anywhere typically from 7-10 business days or quicker - depending on how much information is already available ( preliminary title report, loan application, credit ,info, construction documents, appraisals, payoffs,  etc )