As the real estate market in the Bay Area continues to perk along, large numbers of borrowers looking to participate in our incredibly strong market continue to actively look for alternatives to traditional bank financing. Equity Bridge Capital is a San Francisco based loan company that specializes in providing these type of  Bridge loan options and for all types of borrowers - be it for purchases, refinances, or construction completion projects.

Here are some examples ( completed and in process )

Purchase Loans: - Investor Buyer w/ good net worth but insufficient liquidity will use us to make all cash offer - ie.  South Bay $10M First Loan on $15M Purchase of Office Building - 12-24 Month Bridge Loan

Refinance Loans : 1st or 2nd loans to take out existing debt and assist with cash needs - $3.3M 1st Loan for 9M Property - San Francisco Financial District / $1.2M 2nd Loan on $4M Residential Investment Property - 60% Loan to Value

Construction Loans:  1st or 2nd Loans to assist in completing under funded construction projects. $1M 2nd Loan to complete 2 Unit San Francisco Project, - 65% Loan to Finish Value. $1M Oakland Purchase Money Loan and $600K 2nd Loan to do residential fix and flip project 

There are often other options not contemplated by brokers and borrowers such as using multiple properties as cross collateral to get a loan funded.

If you or any of your contacts need a quick quote on a Bridge Loan, please contact Art at 415-760-2338 or by Email :